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If you are a girl and you have roommates, then this probably feels like watching your life. Maybe you swap out a pop-punk song for T-swift, but let’s be real: this video is on point.

When you are a girl living with a roommates, especially if they are your friends, life is like one big slumber party all the time. Okay, so no, that’s not really what it’s like but it is still pretty great. Sure there are the same ups and downs that every one has with their roommates. You know, passive aggressive comments, being loud when you need to go to sleep etc. However, there are also the great parts: having a whole other closet to raid, having someone to help you with your hair, dancing in the kitchen and a cuddle buddy when you’re sad/scared/happy/any time ever. We know that dude roommates live a life of video games and dirty dishes and sports and personally, we think everyone should act like girl roommates.

Apparently, BuzzFeed agrees with us. We just think everyone would have more fun if they sang Taylor Swift while cooking, you know? And who doesn’t want someone to bring them a cookie in bed? That is the actual dream.

We really hope that they do a follow up video about if girl roommates acted like guy roommates, because we are sure it would be equally as hilarious. However, we also know that living like girl roommates is more fun. So we guess it’s kind of a toss up.