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You remember Happy Gilmore, don’t you? The classic 90s sports comedy film starring Adam Sandler tells the story of Happy Gilmore, a rejected hockey player who has to use his skills to win a golf tournament in order to save his grandma’s house, while simultaneously trying to win the heart of the tour PR head. And if you remember and love Happy Gilmore, then you probably remember and love all those old video games you used to play in the 90s, too. So what if you could combine the two? Think about it.

Have you ever dreamed of playing an old-timey style Happy Gilmore video game? No? Good because you still can’t. You can, however, watch an almost 3 minute version of the movie in 8 bit animation, meaning it looks like a vintage video game. In fact, it looks so much like a game that you’ll have to remind yourself that you don’t need to keep hitting the keys because you aren’t really playing anything — it’s not a game; it’s a video from CineFix. As CineFix would say, “No quarters or controllers required!”

CineFix has not only remade the 1996 film into this awesome animation format, but they’ve managed to repackage all the important parts from the entire film, the whole story, into just 2 minutes and 45 seconds, and that’s from its original 92 minutes. Quite the jump.

So maybe you told yourself no more movies until you finish that term paper? Well this isn’t really a movie, but it’s still kind of a movie, so it’s a compromise! Procrastinating… but just a tiny, tiny bit of procrastinating. Right? Just be careful, you could end up watching a whole movie’s worth if you check out the other 8-bit Cinema videos, like The Hunger Games or Finding Nemo.

What movie do you want to see “gamified” next?