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I’d like someone to find me a Hollywood star that is more funny than Jimmy Fallon. He continues to blow my mind with his never-ending comedic genius-ness. With his new ‘Tonight Show,’ Fallon has totally outdone himself with the skits he’s done thus far. They’re absolutely hilarious.

Now, let’s add the Legendary Jonah Hill into the mix and you’ve got a serious equation for epic hilarity. Fallon’s hilarious “#Hashtag” skit is one of his best, and this one with Jonah Hill is no different. Watch as they mock our society’s overuse of social media and hashtagging everything that comes to our mind on social media mediums such as Instagram and Twitter. What’s so hilarious about this video is that they’re totally right. The #Hashtag phenomenon is totally out of control.

Check out the video of them having a literal Twitter conversation in real life and prepare yourself to laugh very, very hard.

But, that’s not all. Since you’ve already got me started on the ‘Tonight Show’ I have to show you my second favorite clip thus far from the show.

Who doesn’t love Kristen Wiig? The woman is absolutely hysterical. She comes onto the show looking freakishly identical to Harry Styles from One Direction. She used up her time on the show to poke fun at Styles, who is a member of the Pop band One Direction. Essentially, she gives very little effort to act and talk like Styles. Jimmy treats Wiig as if she actually is Harry Styles, and her answers to Fallons’ questions are totally made up and 100% ridiculous. But that wasn’t even the best part. Fallon encourages ‘Styles’ to sing One Direction’s hit song What Makes You Beautiful. When Wiig gets up to sing it, she has no idea how the song goes, and Fallon has to help her. I haven’t laughed this hard watching a youtube video in a very long time. Who doesn’t know the lyrics to that song?! ┬áCome on girl, get it together. But wait, it’s so funny when you have no idea what you’re doing. You keep doing you, girl. We love ya, and this video is perfection.

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