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Hip bathroom signs are the worst. What if you don’t speak hipster? What if you reeeeally need to go? And you stand there contemplating and deciding and then when you finally make a decision its the wrong one! You’re doomed!

CollegeHumor brings us yet another funny original short. If we were in their shoes, we most likely would have asked the janitor or maybe peeked inside together. But hey, then where would all the fun be? One of our favorite guesses was the “tribal symbol of fertility” because that’s definitely what comes to mind first…”Circle of life, father time” yes it all makes sense!

“In the name of all the people who have ever been made to feel dumb at a trendy restaurant…” Thank you for standing up for all of us and taking the first step into the unknown. I’m sure many of you have been in that position before, whether it’s a foreign language that you and they only have the word and no pictures, or it is trying to trick you with arrows and pictures and words all jumbled up. Or sometimes when they use animals you second guess yourself. It’s like… come on, just because you are a trendy restaurant does not mean you have to diverge from the universal bathroom symbols. Help a sista out!

The intense music as they see the signs and suddenly get stunned adds a lot of suspense to the video. We are still asking ourselves why that central dot was on there in the first place that the janitor wiped off. Hmm the questions are endless. Except that everything was solved in the end! Hooray for unisex bathrooms!

Have you ever been stumped by a hip bathroom sign?