For decades and decades, male singers have had the power to melt the heart of women through their heart-wrenching lyrics after being dumped by a girl. These songs have always left us belting out the tunes to the song, and have always made us feel so sorry for these men. Their songs captivate us. This awesome music compilation and video “History of Men Moving On” is a Valentines Day special done by the New York City-based experimental music group cdza which includes an incredible medley of some of our favorite “men moving on after they’ve been dumped” songs. The songs range from Roy Orbinson in 1960 all the way through 2011 with Gotye. Artists such as Smokey Robinson, The Beatles, Dr. Dre, Limp Bizkit, and Maroon 5 are included in the mix.

What’s most interesting about this video, aside from the gorgeous orchestration of these songs, is the noticeable change in lyrics when the songs dating from the 1990’s to the present come around. The lyrics become much more aggressive, women are no longer being praised in the song. If anything, women are being sang about as being the source of all the problems in the relationship. Not only that, the lyrics become dark, and are less focused around love and more centered around sex, drugs, lies and hatred. It’s really interesting to listen to subtle transition take place, not to mention it’s absolutely beautiful listen to.

What was your favorite song included in this medley?