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Barely Political recently released a video musical of some of the ways that Breaking Bad should finish up its fifth and final season. With only one episode remaining, fans’ heads are spinning trying to figure out how Vince Gilligan decided to conclude the epic series. On Sunday, Breaking Bad took home the Emmy for best drama series, and rightfully so. A show this revered and followed, needs to end with a bang. I’m expecting something captivating and witty, and would be shocked if I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with the finish to Breaking Bad. (The writers have nailed it each and every time).

I’ve become so entranced in this show, I almost feel as if I know Walt and Jesse and personally. I bet if you are reading this post that you feel a similar way. The video is funny and offers up some ludicrous ideas for the conclusion of the story. “Yo Walter’s going to use like science and stuff, to bring Gus back from the dead.” The song is catchy, and if you watch the show you will find amusement in this goofy video. Enjoy. (P.S. You may recognize the man playing Jesse Pinkman from last week’s Vine-ing Bad post).

How do you think Breaking Bad will end?