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Some of you are lucky enough to have already successfully completed the horror that is finals week. Others are just enjoying the wonderful feeling of the last week of classes and trying to avoid the gut-sinking feeling of knowing your final exams are right around the corner. And some of you don’t have finals this semester, and, well, we’re jealous. In any case, finals are upon us, and a survival guide is necessary. Even when said survival guide is everything you’re already doing/know you should do. So, who are we relying on to provide us with some finals week entertainment (and advice)? Johnny Berchtold! You remember him from his spring break video, right?

We can always rely on Johnny for a great video and a good laugh when needed, so we are surprised that he is way under-subscribed. 3,735 subscribers? Come on people, you can do better than that. We were really happy to see that he got a shoutout from The You Generation after entering the Presenters competition, though! Anwyay, Johnny posted this finals survival guide today and we thought we just had to share. His tips? Coffee, sweatpants – you know, the works – and not “studying” in groups (and especially not stalking your old high school friends’ prom pictures. It’s a depressing path. Don’t go there.) We’ll let Johnny take it from here. Check out the video below, and be sure to check out his channel!

How are you surviving finals week? Tell us below!