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“Just because there’s a hurricane a-coming, doesn’t mean you have to go a-running. Unless you’re told to evacuate, you better live without hate.” That is the advice of My Drunk Kitchen Youtube star, Hannah Hart, who has decided to make a video all about hurricane-preparedness in case you’re stuck indoors just like she is, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

And what does she make this episode? S’mores! And lucky for you, she messes it up making s’mores the traditional way, so everyone who is lacking that fireplace (i.e. me) can enjoy s’mores the ultra-primitive way. Sounds like a plan to me!

Also, if you still have electricity and internet, take a look at these 41 adorable doggies who are probably more prepared for Hurricane Sandy than you are. Just saying.

What are your tips for prepping for Hurricane Sandy?