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Malala Yousafzai is no ordinary girl. In October 2012, she was shot and severely injured by the Taliban in Pakistan while walking home from school. Why? For blogging and promoting education for girls. She previously won Pakistan’s first Peace Prize for her blog, which discusses progressive topics in women’s rights. After rehabilitating in the UK and being released in January 2013, she gave a speech at the United Nations general assembly and they have decided to make July 12 Malala Day. The day will represent moving towards the goal of education for all children around the world. She is now attending school in the UK, but still recieves death threats from the Taliban.

United Nations Secretary-General Ki-moon said, “By targeting Malala, extremists showed what they feared the most: a girl with a book.”

To celebrate Malala’s well-being and help her spread her message of education equality throughout the world, her father teamed up with a Grammy Award winning producer to create “I Am Malala”. The song is powerful, features an entirely female undiscovered cast from around the world, and shows that Malala lives on in all of the young women striving for education. Malala is a beacon of hope for young girls in dark, uneducated societies. We owe it to her to give women and girls around the world the power to choose an educated life.

Watch Malala’s UN speech here, and learn more about the Malala Fund which helps to support empowerment and education of girls in Pakistan and the world. And of course, check out the video below!

Lyrics (via Youtube):

Ok, I wanna make a nation proud.
One day we’ll say things loud and be free,
With the power of our speech
We can change our world and how it’s perceived.
We’ve got doubts and beliefs
But not one thing’s truly out of our reach
Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit
‘Cause nothing can pull me down when I dream.
I’m working on turning ’em into a reality and opening eyes
And sharing a vision with every person
Who had chose to be blind.
I wanna focus their minds
To show that despite we’re broken inside
We can stand powerful together without a cloak or disguise.
I hope in the future that I can look back
On a new generation that’s peaceful,
That’s grateful they’re equal,
‘Cause those before made a change for the people
With paints and an easel. We picture perfect
Drew our attention to making the most of our time
Creating more than useless inventions.
I’m only young so I guess it’s down for you to decide.
Would you choose to fight for what you believe in?
Would you do what is right if I needed you?
Would you stand tall with me right here by my side?
Be the change you want to see, take a look through my eyes.

I am Malala
I am infinite hope
I am Malala, I am, I am, I am
I am Malala
I am infinite hope
I am Malala, I am, I am, I am
I am Malala

They say the harder the culture, they say the harder the girl.
I say the smarter the girl, then the stronger our world.
From a country where we made fortunes
Of others misfortunes and betray our own people
Then we mourn for a portion of time.
Always taught to fight for my rights,
Malala fought for education then she fought for her life.
It’s hard to strive to be better
When oppressed by the suppressors
Treated like the lesser, just be clever.
Ignore the ignorance from the ignorant.
Society is ridiculous but it’s the world that we living in,
Chauffeurs our drive and denies our desire
Being silent doesn’t help, it adds fuel to the fire.
How can somebody young like me even find any truth
When nobody’s looking for truth in the youth?
Life isn’t a choice, so who are we to say what’s void?
And Malala gave a voice to me cuz…

(repeat chorus)

Hard work and talent equals infinite growth,
In school a child and a teacher equals infinite hope.