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As you embark on your deal-hunting Black Friday quests, make sure to keep your safety in mind.  The Black Friday shopper can encounter all sorts of danger, from flying clothes hangers and aggressive shoppers, to slippery sweaters on the floor and paper cuts from your numerous receipts.  There is another danger that is always present on the minds of shoppers as well, getting lost and separated from your shopping companions, and getting trapped in a store for the rest of eternity.

This parody of the Gravity trailer by Daniel Hubbard perfectly copies the actual trailer, and more importantly, really shows what it feels like to be trapped inside a store, especially an Ikea. One wrong turn in an Ikea and you can go from bathrooms to bedroom furniture in the blink of an eye, losing the other members of your party just as quickly.  The actress in the parody does a great job of portraying all of the overwhelming panic and fear that lost shoppers experience, and I’m sure everyone can relate to her performance.  Will the two shoppers be united? Will her cellphone die? Will they buy anything?  This video brings all of these questions to the surface, questions you may find yourself asking on Black Friday from an obscure corner of your local Target.

Speaking of parodies, if you have yet to see James Franco and Seth Rogen’s parody of Kanye’s “Bound 2” music video, then you really have been missing out.  A topless and dreamy Seth Rogen really gives Kim K. a run for her money, and James Franco really rocks Kanye’s signature skirt look.  Rogen/Franco’s masterpiece is a shot-for-shot copy of the Kimye version and the beauty of it is beyond words. Everything about this video is just perfect and if you find yourself waiting in line during your Black Friday rounds, you should just watch it a million times.

What’s your favorite parody?