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IKEA is THE furniture store of furniture stores for college students. It sells decent-quality furniture at low prices AND even has a cafeteria that offers its specialty: Swedish meatballs. IKEA is like a big a kid’s playground. You could get lost in that place while searching for the perfect futon for your apartment.  You might even fall asleep in a fluffy bed or two.

IKEA during the daytime is great. The only problem is that there’s other people around who get in your way of having that magical furniture playground all to yourself. That’s why it’d kinda be cool to hide under a bed right before the employees start telling people it’s closing time. The small sacrifice of hiding underneath the bed for 30 minutes would totally be worth it. After hours, you could have IKEA all to yourself. This means you could pretend the Kingdom of IKEA is your domain for an entire night.

This could potentially be the coolest experience of anyone’s life. I mean a lot of people get to say they’ve traveled to Europe or went skydiving, but who gets to say they spent an entire night alone in IKEA?? Not many people, that’s who.

While it could be awesome, being alone in IKEA after sunset with no one else around could be equally terrifying. This IKEA commercial from Singapore shows both sides of the argument. In this video, the furniture superstore made a tribute to the Jack Nicholson classic, The Shining. It shows a little boy riding his plastic bike around the empty aisles of IKEA, weaving in and out of different furniture-testing opportunities. Because this is a promotional commercial for IKEA, the furniture did look appealing and totally makes me want to have IKEA all to myself at some point in my life. On the other hand, this is a Halloween-themed commercial, so the ending is slightly spooky. In the end, this commercial totally makes me want to stay in the furniture store after hours….just maybe not around Halloween time.

Would you stay in IKEA alone for a night?