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“Draw My Life” is a YouTube tag that a lot of popular YouTubers have been doing – Daily Grace, Jenna Marbles (which, I’m not going to lie, made me cry) etc. have all posted one. So it was only a matter of time before Ryan Higa (one of our favorites around SC HQ – if you need proof, go here, or here) joined in on the trend. After all, all of his loyal viewers wouldn’t stop requesting it from him! Eventually he had to give in, right?

And thus, Ryan Higa’s “Draw My Life” video was born. And it is amazing. Every new video from Ryan makes my day (and everyone else’s here, honestly) so this one was not only a great start to the morning, but it was actually really sweet and inspiring to learn about Ryan’s life. He discusses his struggles with bullying but more importantly, how life has gotten better for him and how it gets better for everyone. He points out that he, like everyone else, has highs and lows and he also tells the story of how he decided to do YouTube videos. Most people would frown upon someone for dropping out of college to make YouTube videos, but Ryan’s story is actually very motivating and shows that you can benefit from following your dreams.

Don’t worry though, the video is not a sappy break from his other, more comedic videos. In fact, the entire video is peppered with cute animations and the usual funny, quick and clever comments from the ever-snarky Ryan. We laughed and felt sentimental. Be sure to check out the video below, and remember…


What do you think of Ryan Higa’s “Draw My Life” video?