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There’s no denying it now – the world (well, the Internet-world, at least) loves Tyler Oakley. Why? Because he has a genuine, infectiously-bubbly personality, and because he’s besties with Hanna & Mamrie Hart (My Drunk Kitchen/You Deserve A Drink) and Grace Helbig (Daily Grace) which just proves that he’s awesome. Tyler recently hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube and it’s so exciting! To celebrate this momentous occasion, Tyler posted a “Draw My Life” video.

A while back I posted Ryan Higa’s “Draw My Life” as well as a musical “Draw My Life” for Harry Potter, but of all the “Draw My Life” videos I’ve seen, Tyler’s is by far my favorite. His was quick and punchy just like he always is, but totally honest and inspiring. Tyler opened up and talked about his eating disorder and body image issues, and about his struggles to find a career (until he realized that his career was, in fact, YouTube!) and his video is proof that if you set your mind to it, you can do absolutely anything you want.

And while I’m pretty sure Tyler’s hair wasn’t as perfect as it is now back in his middle school days, I am really jealous of those fabulous round purple glasses that he rocked back in the day. And you know, of his awesome LA life with his other YouTuber best friends and all that jazz. Check out the video below!

What’s your favorite “Draw My Life” video?