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The saying goes that love happens when you least expect it. Picture this: you’re walking the beach in Santa Monica, California minding your own business and all the sudden, someone tells you to push a little red button, and then all the sudden, you blink your eyes and you find yourself seated at a romantic dinner date. In less then 2 seconds. Just like that. BAM. It’s an instant dinner date! Talk about speed dating…

Now I know you’re thinking that this kind of cute, corny stuff never happens. It just doesn’t exist anymore. Guys (and gals) these days just don’t have the motivation to sweep you off your feet like they used to (or maybe I just use Cinderella as a reference for what a date should be.) Spontaneity isn’t as magical as it used to be…But ladies and gentlemen, I have proof that spontaneity is still out there and it lies within the youtube sensation Stuart Edge! He got the idea from a fan to lead a prank where a person presses a button and within seconds, they’re sitting at a candlelit dinner date in the middle of the beach in broad daylight.  Whoever was pulling the prank, or leading the “date”, would strip away their street clothes to reveal their fancy date attire while the team that was literally put together through twitter, brought out stools, a table, drinks, pizza, and the works all in a matter of about two seconds. In this fantastically well-executed and clever “instant date prank,” you can see just what happens when romance strikes when you least expect it.

This is probably the best video you’ll see all week. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled off?