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Remember the infamous car scene from Bridesmaids? (Don’t try to act like you’ve never seen it!) Most of us have spent countless hours laughing at Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne ducked down as low as they could go in the car shouting, “Hey! Who’s driving that car!?” as it slowly rolled by. And, if you really haven’t seen it, you can imagine it (or go watch it here, hilarious!) But let’s think about this for a sec: what would you really do if you saw a car pass you by with seemingly nobody in it? Would you be skeptical, scared, or amused?

Youtuber MagicofRahat sought to answer that question with his video, “Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank” where he made a costume mimicking the seat of his car that would hide him and blend in at the same time. He then proceeded to go to various drive thru restaurants and order food to see the reactions of the employees. The result? Absolutely hysterical. We couldn’t stop laughing. Every reaction is priceless – but our favorite was the guy who kept trying to “catch” the prankster by turning around suddenly several times in a row.

Check out the video below!

How would you react to the invisible driver prank? Tell us below!