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Woody Harrelson hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend and his monologue was one of the best of the season’s. Not only did he sing and play his own personal version of Taylor Swift’s “1989,” but our favorite stars from The Hunger Games showed up for moral support.

Being the huge Taylor Swift fans that we are, it’s really hard to admit that Harrelson’s version of “1989” is nothing short of, well, amazing. He by no means out-did Swift’s original version, but like, we’re not upset with his performance. For many of us millenials, we didn’t really know much about this said-esteemed actor who was cast to play everyone’s favorite drunk, Haymitch. Well, his song explained why he was the perfect guy to portray Haymitch. It all makes sense now.

So how do Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson play into Harrelson’s “1989” gig? Well, they may have joined in and helped him reach some high notes. Ugh, they’re all so beautiful.

Jennifer Lawrence has once again proven that she’s awesome. After getting her privacy invaded (to say the least), Lawrence demonstrated her true strength and courage when she was published on the cover of Vanity Fair (which was planned before the leakage of her photos) and with a corresponding article that included an interview with her, which proved no one should mess with J-Law – she will make you feel like an idiot. And now she graced us with her presence on live television. You go girl.

As if we weren’t already pumped for Mockingjay: Part I. These awesome cast members make us want to be part of the fun. Watching this is getting us even more hyped for the new movie, coming out November 21.

Don’t you just want to hug them all?