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Any recent college grads may find today’s video hits a little close to home. Any of you upperclassmen may wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because of it. And all you underclassmen are just laughing at the rest of us.

That’s right, folks. This week’s video is about your… dun dun DUN…degree.

YouTube star Jenna Marbles offers some solace to those wondering what in the world they can do with their degree if they have yet to find a job. Apparently your degree can act as a napkin, or even a sound maker. It really is quite versatile. Who knew you could do so much with a framed piece of paper!

Jenna finds a way to add humor to something that a lot of recent grads find really scary: what if you can’t use your degree? Fear not though, even if it is just covering a hole you accidentally made in the wall, your degree will come to some use. The skills you learn in college are invaluable. Look at Jenna herself. She has a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters in Education in Sport Psychology and Counseling. And she has made a career out of being a youtube sensation and comedian.

So stop breathing into those brown paper bags, recent grads. Your degree will come in handy for something.

What other ways can you come up with to use your degree?