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We’ve all been upset about losing or misplacing something, but nothing is more devastating than having something taken away from you. I’m sure we could all remember at least one time when our parents took something away, like a Game Boy or iPod mini, from us as punishment. Or, sometimes parents do cruel things for no reason at all. Like taking their kids’ Halloween candy.

Jimmy Kimmel has done it before and he has done it once again: encouraging parents to make their kids cry. It all began in 2011 when Kimmel first asked parents to video tape telling their kids “I ate all of your Halloween candy.” The recording results were hilarious, as many kids immediately lost it and started to have tantrums. Some even collapsed to the floor after hearing their worst nightmare. The videos were such a success that Jimmy Kimmel has made a mash up of these heartbreaks after every Halloween since 2011. It’s hard to say which is the funniest because all of the videos have an equal amount of cute kids saying hilarious things after getting their worlds turned upside down. The 2014 video is no different and will absolutely have you laughing out loud.

There is no betrayal like a parent eating their own kid’s candy. How. Dare. They. I think we can all empathize with these kids. Don’t act like you didn’t count each and every single piece of candy you got in your pillow case after a night of trick-or-treating on the town. That candy was like gold, and the number of pieces you got was key to whether or not you had a successful Halloween night. Any number more than 100 pieces meant that you were a  total champion of Halloween, you crushed that holiday.

We can only hope that the parents gave the kids their candy back. If not, this video is still funny and we’re totally gonna do it when we have kids someday (…far, far in the future.)

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