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Whether or not you are a Star Wars fan, you will most likely get a kick out of Jon Stewart¬†and Stephen Colbert‘s battle for the title of the World’s Biggest Star Wars Fan. Who will it be? Find out for yourself.

Although they have a little trouble keeping a straight face, they manage to promote their humor as well as the Star Wars movie Episode VII

“The special effects budget is incredible on this promotional….”

Do you want to be in the next Star Wars movie? Because you can be! Star Wars: Force for Change is an initiative by Disney and Lucasfilm that seeks to change the world by helping with huge world problems. The first of their campaigns is raising money and awareness for UNICEF Innovation Labs that create projects to help children in need. If you donate money, you can be entered to win a part in the film as well as tons of other prizes.

So…who will it be, Stewart or Colbert? They quickly put their friendship aside to duel it out for the biggest Star Wars fan, but it becomes more than just a trivia game… the battle goes much further. Do you think you could compete with them? How well do you know your Star Wars facts?

While I know I probably couldn’t even stand a chance against either of them, all of this is still for a really great cause. It is really cool to see big companies and corporations use their power and status to do something good. When fans see that they have the possibility to be in a movie, they also see that they have the possibility to help make change in the world (killing two birds with one stone, am I right?). It ends July 25th and all you have to do is pledge¬†$10 to enter!

Will you be the World’s Biggest Star Wars Fan and a force of change?!