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We logged onto YouTube this morning to find a pleasant surprise! KevJumba is back! It’s been 2 months since we last got to enjoy one of his hilarious and witty YouTube videos and that makes today one heck of an awesome day because we finally got to watch a new one! It may only be an “Ask KevJumba” video, which would typically be really boring if it were anyone else, but no, not Kevin! It is impossible for him to make a boring video – even if it is a Q and A.

First thing’s first: Kevin has a mullet! We were a little disturbed by this new development, that is, until we learned that the mullet is actually for his role in a movie. That’s right! KevJumba is in a new movie called Man Up. (We’re excited, okay?) Outside of this awesome news (and minus the weird but necessary mullet) Kevin spices up the boring Q and A format by answering questions like “What do you like most about being a YouTuber?” and “If you had to lose one sense, what would it be?” with hilariously awesome cut-scenes (instead of just “uhm…I love being able to express myself” or “hmm… I don’t know. Smell? I can’t decide!” like most people would say) that better explain his answers.

Anyway, we’re really happy to see a new video from KevJumba and we hope it makes this boring Wednesday a little better for ya. Check out the video below and enjoy!

Are you glad that KevJumba is back in action?