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March Madness has finally kicked off and that means you should have all completed your brackets! (If you haven’t, here’s why you should before it gets too late!) We’ve shown you what March Madness is using Star Wars analogies, and of course we’ve been keeping you posted on all the latest sports news, but what we haven’t shown you yet is this amazing video we found from one of our favorite people ever, Kid President. You may be wondering what Kid President has to do with March Madness, (well, March Gladness, if you ask him) and that is that ESPN made a video of him choosing his March Madness bracket picks with the help of SportsCenter’s Robert Flores. And not only will it potentially help you fill out your bracket, but it is guaranteed to make you smile. Because it is virtually impossible to watch Kid President and not smile. He is just too cute and a total inspiration.

Kid President also shares some wisdom about the teams in this video – we learn that Gonzaga is his favorite team, and that Duke is “the bad guys” (but that’s just what his bro told him) but they’re good at basketball. Also, we hereby declare that Michigan be spelled as “Michigo” from now on. It sounds a little more epic that way. Thanks, Kid President!

Let’s kick off March Gladness with Kid President by checking out his bracket picks, shall we?

Do you agree with Kid President’s March Madness bracket?