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If you’re in the class of 2013 and haven’t already graduated, keep on keepin’ on! You’re almost there. If you have already gotten your diploma and turned your tassel, well, you’ll still appreciate this video.

Commencement speeches are a tricky thing – every school wants someone important and famous to speak at their graduation ceremony. It makes the college look good, and it gets the students there excited. But what happens when said famous commencement speaker isn’t a famous novelist, political figure, or Morgan Freeman (because let’s face it, everyone wants Morgan Freeman to be their commencement speaker)? Let’s say, for example, your graduation speaker was someone like Kristen Stewart instead? (Note: We’re sure that KStew would be classy enough to deliver a well thought-out speech, but it’s fun to pretend. Let’s just go with it.) Kristen Stewart has a reputation for being impossibly awkward and for constantly looking like she’s been punched in the stomach. This would make for a weird commencement speech, no?

The ever-funny Barely Political decided to make a video of what it would be like if the Twilight star took on a new role as a college’s commencement speaker, and we have to say, it’s every bit as hilarious as one would imagine. In it, fake Kristen Stewart awkwardly screws up the microphone, stumbles over her words and makes dumb comments and crazy hand gestures, all the while with a permanent scowl on her face. Check out the video below and tell us your thoughts!

In the mean-time, congratulations on graduating, class of 2013!

P.S. We especially congratulate you if you’re a newborn baby kitten that just found Christ, and completed college.