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Does just the idea of finals get you down? Do you just want to flip your library table over, throw your notebooks in a shredder and say “f*ck it all!”? We’ve all been there. And now, even Elsa understands your finals week feels (because Frozen didn’t define your life enough already…)

If you just got “Let It Go” out of your head, well, #sorrynotsorry. This is a parody that you need to hear, whether you’re gearing up for final exams now, or you’re a graduate with not-so-fond memories of pulling all-nighters and sobbing in the middle of the night over your final paper. And while “Let It Go” is a great song, we’re thinking “F*ck It All” is a much catchier, more raw and honest (and hilarious) song, with lyrics like:

“Finals are coming and we all must try our best, but I’ve give up — I’ll just wing that test.”


“I don’t care if I fail this test. Let my mom rage on; my grades never bothered me anyway.”

Does that sum up how you’re feeling right now? Because it sounds pretty familiar to us. And while finals week truly is a bore, we can’t help but feel comforted by the fact that Elsa agrees.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be listening to this on repeat while we study procrastinate for the rest of our exams…

What’s your favorite “Let It Go” parody?

Featured photo via Fanpop