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Well, this really takes us back. It’s true, everything from our childhood is being made into blockbuster movies right before our eyes. But will this movie, Literally Everything Else From Your Childhood, take the cake?

Gym mats reminds us of the parachute games that were literally the most fun part of gym class EVER. When everyone had to sit around the edge and hold it, then stand up and lift the parachute and then quickly pull it down while simultaneously getting inside and sitting on the edge to create a huge dome. AWESOME.

And how about those “worm things filled with water that slipped through your hands.” That’s a throwback if we’ve ever seen one. It was kind of like those Chinese finger traps that you would stick your fingers into each end and then panic for like 5 seconds that you were stuck forever and then push the straw around and easily be able to get out.

This video just makes us want to┬áreminisce about all the little gadgets and games that entertained us as youths. Times were so much easier back then when there weren’t 50 different types of gaming systems, or iPads with thousands of apps and games that kids get sick of in under an hour. We were literally entertained by a ball with a prism floating in liquid inside that predicted our future…and those worm things filled with water. Ahhh, the simpler days of the 90s.

Wil Wheaton brings us this funny spoof of today’s Hollywood hits. From his own experience in the biz, he can definitely make a believable movie trailer, with a great cast we might add.

Would you go see Literally Everything Else From Your Childhood: The Movie?