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If you’ve ever had a broken bone before, then you know the liberating, glorious feeling that is getting a cast taken off. Having any type of cast on is horribly restricting. Sometimes you can’t walk on your own. If you have a broken arm, then you can’t write on your own. And, sometimes, you can’t even bath on your own without having to ask someone to help cover your cast in a plastic bag so that it doesn’t get wet. This little boy sure found out how freaking awesome it feels to finally be freed from this plaster hinder that was preventing him from living his life. This poor kid had a full leg cast, after all. So it’s not surprising that he dropped the F-Bomb after being cooped up in that thing for probably over 6 weeks.

Wearing a red t-shirt with Sonic, accompanied by his signature blue cast with a drawing of Sonic (clearly Sonic was a friendly face that got him through this tragic time), the little blonde boy covered his ears as the ortho tech sawed his way down the blue cast with his vacuum-like machine. When he finally finished cutting a line on both sides, the boy’s response is shocking to everyone in the room – his father, himself, and especially the man taking his cast off. I’m not sure what’s funnier – the kid dropping the F word or the ortho tech’s reaction. Both are hilarious, which make this video in its entirety worth watching.

Whose reaction was funnier?