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I love the animated Christmas classic movies, but sometimes when you watch a holiday film, you at least want to pretend to be a grown-up.  That’s where Love Actually comes into play.  Not only does it hit you with the overwhelming joy that naturally pairs with the holiday season, you also get to experience the wave of emotion that is any romantic comedy ever, even the bad ones. Love Actually has become a Christmas classic, and it is definitely deserving of that title, with its awesome cast and wide range of plot lines.

It’s been 10 years since Love Actually first hit the screens and found a place in our hearts, and what better time than the 10 year anniversary for a look into how all of the characters are doing now.  The burning question obviously, is do all of the couples still actually love each other?  While Love Actually 2 will probably never happen in real life, it now exists on the internet thanks to Official Comedy.  The video answers all the important questions we’ve had, like what happened after the movie?  What are these couples doing now?  The trailer is a quality piece of cinematic mockery, and will likely cause you to laugh hysterically.  Using footage of the actors from other films they’ve been in post 2003, the creators weaved together a pretty awesome new set of story lines.

Would you go see “Love Actually 2”?