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Guys! Our favorite talking shell is back and better than ever! Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, Three has finally been released on YouTube!

Jenny Slate has done it again. With help from director Dean Fleischer-Camp, the duo has created a third video documenting the life of Marcel the Shell. We certainly wouldn’t mind if Marcel the Shell was a 2 hour long featured film seeing as we can’t get enough of the cute, silly things that he has to say about the day in the life of a miniature shell. Maybe such a movie is a possibility in the future, but for now we’ll take this third video.

Marcel the Shell is famously known for being the tiniest shell on earth with big shoes, and an even bigger personality. He’s oftentimes quoted in everyday life by young people (…like me) across the country. He says the most ridiculous things that give you a taste of what it’s like to be a little shell living in a human’s world. For example, in the first video, a famous quote from little, adorable Marcel is, “Guess what I use as a bean bag chair? A raisin.” Another from the second video is, “If you do drive a bug, you have to be pretty easy going because you only get to go where the bug wants to go.” One of our favorite quotes in this new video comes after Marcel was asked his favorite saying is. He responded,”Life’s a party, rock your body”.

If that last quote wasn’t enough of a clue, Marcel has a new found confidence in this new video. He even sings a song for us that he learned at summer camp, what an honor! If you have a friend who’s having a bad day, cheer them up with this new Marcel video.

Also, don’t forget to check out Marcel’s new book!

On a scale from 1 to 10, how adorable is Marcel?