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We’ve been talking about March Madness around here quite a bit lately (it is that time of the year, after all) but not everyone knows exactly what March Madness is or how it works. Sometimes, it’s best to use metaphors and analogies to explain complicated things. For example, math problems are almost always easier when you can relate the numbers to actual, physical objects. And you know what’s the best way to explain something? Drawing on a whiteboard. AsapSCIENCE does it, so you already know that it works.

So, if we take the NCAA March Madness tournament and attempt to explain it with whiteboard drawings using an epic analogy, that’d probably help you understand, right? Right.

For those of you who don’t quite ‘get’ sports, or basketball at the very least, hopefully Star Wars interests you a little more. Why, you ask? Because this epic video from Satire explains March Madness using Star Wars. If you’re not already a sports fan, maybe this will change your mind! And if you are both a die-hard sports fan and a Star Wars lover, you’ll definitely appreciate this video. Perhaps now you can even watch one (or all of) the films while you fill out your bracket for a little added inspiration…

What do you think of this Star Wars inspired explanation of March Madness?