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Chatroulette is a scary, scary place.  Just by using that service for about 5 minutes, you are almost guaranteed to come into contact with just about every type of human being on the planet.  You will see things you never wanted to see, and will never be able to un-see.  Ever. If you are lucky, all you’ll see are multiple groups of teenagers just trolling the Internet and trying to have a few laughs, but with every click of the button you are running the risk of seeing a naked dude sitting on his bed with his little “friend” out in full view.  If you are extra lucky, that naked dude will at least be moderately attractive, but no promises.

This Christmas, Steve Kardynal, a comedian who has become known for parodying songs on Chatroulette,  is giving all of the site’s users what they want for Christmas.  A grown man dressed in lady elf clothes giving the most passionate performance of “All I want for Christmas is you” that the world has ever seen.  Mariah, your vocals are great, but even in your skimpiest of outfits, you cannot top this man’s performance.  If I was on Chatroulette, (which I wouldn’t be, even if I was offered a million dollars.  I would consider doing it for 2) and my eyes were greeted by this Winter Wonderland, I would never ever click that button.  The costumes, the scenery, the lip syncing, it is all just perfect.  This man is a professional lip syncer and a few professionals could take a few pages out of his book.

While the performance is spectacular, the reactions are also an important part of the video.  It is clear that the performance took a lot of the chatroulette-rs by surprised, and they were unprepared for the glory they were about to witness.  When you think you are about to see someone’s family jewels and are instead greeted by a man rocking out to Mariah, you have just witnessed a Christmas miracle.  If you are looking for some Christmas cheer that is a little out of the ordinary, this video will surely bring a smile to your face.

Is this your new favorite version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”?