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Finals week is coming to an end and that means you can finally start enjoying the holiday season! With the holidays come the simple pleasures in life, like hot cocoa and cider, opening presents, parties, and kissing! Yep, that’s right, kissing. Well, unless you’re not into the whole mistletoe thing like students at Brigham Young University proved they are! Youtuber Stuart Edge, with the help of the “bait” Nate Turley and Kaitlin Snow, filmed a prank on campus with a positive message of love and the holiday spirit. The two surveyed students, asking questions like, “Are you married or single?” and “Do you do the mistletoe tradition?” and then mistletoe would drop down from above, prompting the students to decide whether or not to kiss them. Most agreed, a few offered only kisses on the cheek, and one girl slapped Nate with a whole lot of force…yikes! Throughout the video there are also adorable clips of couples enjoying the prank. We’re glad that they asked their survey participants about their relationship status before dropping the mistletoe, but we’re thinking that maybe one of those questions should’ve asked, “Did you get your flu shot yet?” Regardless, it was all in good fun and definitely a cute video in the spirit of the holidays! Oh, and did we mention their mistletoe kissing prank has almost 9 million views on Youtube already? Check it out here!

Would you participate in their mistletoe kissing prank? Tell us below!