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Imagine: You receive yet another mass email addressed to you and all of the other undergrads at your university. Sigh. Naturally, you start moving it to the trash, when at the last second you see in the subject line a glimpse of these words: “Modern Family Actors Coming to Campus”. Time stops along with a wave of both disbelief and excitement. You realize this is no routine impersonal email, so you decide to open it. You’re so glad you didn’t press that trash can a few seconds ago because the email delivers the best news that you could possibly hear all semester: it announces that the two actors who play Mitchell and Cameron on Modern Family are coming to YOUR college campus. Like any rational Modern Family fan, you would probably think something along the lines of what David after-the-dentist once said: “Is this real life??”

If this popular ABC sitcom has ever been on your queue of Netflix binges, surely you know the dynamic duo of Mitch and Cam and the hilarity that comes along with them. Unsurprisingly, the actors that portray the couple, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, are just as funny in real life as they are on screen. That’s why Kansas State University, Stonestreet’s Alma Mater, invited the actors to lead an open Q&A session for students in a lax atmosphere.

The fun didn’t stop for them after the Q&A session. Stonestreet took Ferguson as his wing-man and attempted to relive his university glory days the best way he knew how: bar hopping, then capping off the night by attending a frat party.

That’s right, some college students were lucky enough to not only meet these funny dudes, but they also PARTIED at a FRAT HOUSE with them. Not everyone gets to say that. And we’re all extremely jealous of those who are #blessed enough to be able to say they did.

In this video, Conan O’Brien interviews Eric Stonestreet about his latest college experience. Stonestreet gives a hilarious recount of the gist of what happened during their wild night out on the town. Some epic selfies that may or may not make you jealous are shown in the video too, which makes this interview one that absolutely needs to be watched.

What would you do if Mitch and Cam showed up unexpectedly to your frat house?