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Do you ever wonder what a week’s worth of your food intake would look like all together? This BuzzFeedYellow video, How Much Do You Eat in a Week, shows a group of people who recorded what they ate in a week. They included food from every meal to every little snack. A nutritionist analyzed all the information that the food diaries demonstrated, took each person’s entire food consumption for the week and put it on a table for each participant to see. She brought the participants in to see their respective tables of food thinking  they would be surprised by how much was on the table, but everyone seemed to react as though they completely expected it. What she was right about was that they were surprised to see how much sugar and fat intake they had compared to the healthy, recommended amount.

It becomes clear from this video that most people do not really understand the importance of nutrition and healthy food decisions or what mistakes they are making in their own eating habits. They are misinformed or not informed at all about what they should be eating.  They don’t realize that all it takes is some savvy swaps in order to live a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying delicious food.

With this video in mind, we can definitely learn some things. Keeping a food journal is a great way to keep track of how much you are consuming each day, each week, each month, etc. It makes you conscious of what and how much you are eating and becoming conscious of this can help you to make better decisions about food. It can also demonstrate what you are lacking (for example, drinking enough water). We can take some tips from the participants’ mistakes in this video!

BuzzFeedYellow, although it has a lot of funny videos, also has tons of interesting and informative videos that can be full of interesting and useful knowledge, but is presented in a clever and engaging way.

Do you keep track of how much food you eat?