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Dating might be the scariest horror of all. Seriously. Especially if you are using a dating app like Tinder. Blind dates are scary! But, it’s how things are done now and we just have to accept it. What’s scarier than Millenials using Tinder though?

Obviously if monsters were using Tinder.

This CollegeHumor sketch shows it’s hard out here for a mummy looking for love. He doesn’t want to date other monsters, but will the human girls have him? If we thought dating was hard for us humans, then we need to reevaluate, because the monsters have it way worse. Although, this video does a good job of raising the question: who are the real monsters? Because that human girl he meets up with is way less than ideal when it comes to personality. His buddy (a human) tries to help him out as best as a wingman can, but even he can’t really help him out. He seems perfectly okay with dating monsters though. It’s all about personality right?

This is the perfect video for Halloween because it combines humor with true Millenial horror. Because let’s be real there is nothing scarier than everyday life am I right?!

No? Just me?

Check out the video below and make sure to tweet us you Halloween costumes this weekend! @SurvivingCollege. We will do a roundup of the best ones!

And just remember to be safe out there, okay? Not to be a mom or anything but…

Happy Halloween!