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I am a music geek girl. I worship Elvis Costello and Damon Albarn and cry over Arctic Monkeys B-sides. More often than not I am spending money that should be going to food and laundry on concert tickets. I was a radio DJ all through college and I have a record player. I know my sh**. And yet, boys are always surprised by how much I know about music. I “impress” them with my knowledge of ’90s music. To them it is “so cool” that I listen to XTC and New Order. I must only love The Smiths because of Summer Finn. I only like Death Cab For Cutie because of an ex boyfriend though, right? It’s “typical” and “expected” that I like One Direction and the new Taylor Swift song.

Umm, no.

Like I addressed when BuzzFeed released their video “If Geek Girls Acted Like Geek Guys” the sexism that surrounds female passion for something that dudes have claimed as their own is dumb and boring. Thank goodness BuzzFeed agrees because this video is spot on. If us music geek girls acted the way music geek guys do, there would be an uproar. I know us females aren’t perfect, but cut us some slack when it comes to liking things. Let us do us, and you can do you and we can all just enjoy our favorite bands in peace.

Oh, and if you ask us one more time if we only like a band because the lead singer is cute we are going to lose our minds.

Watch the video below but don’t, for the love of God, read the comments.

Are you a music geek girl?