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Well, if you’re 21+ and reading this, you’ve survived Thirsty Thursday. Congratulations! Time to nurse a nasty hangover (if not today, then tomorrow for sure.) That means it’s time to pop a tylenol, sip your coffee and chow down on some greasy breakfast food. But what if you don’t feel like putting on real clothes and heading out to get a breakfast sandwich to fill your stomach and drown your hungover “did I really do that last night?” sorrows? If you’d rather whip something up in your kitchen (here’s lookin’ at you, twenty-something grads — current students get the joys of dining hall hash browns, but you have to fend for yourselves!) then you’re in luck: Hannah Hart has come to the rescue, armed with turkey bacon bites.

Hannah of “My Drunk Kitchen” doesn’t only cook when she’s drunk. Sometimes she cooks when she’s hungover, too, and it’s just as glorious. In her latest video, she skips the drunk part and goes right to the morning after, transforming her usual show into “My Hungover Kitchen.” There’s turkey bacon. There’s eggs. There’s lemon pepper seasoning, which, as she puts it, is “simply the zest.” (Note to broke twenty-somethings: invest the $1.99 in lemon pepper seasoning. It goes with everything. You will not regret it.) There’s cheese. But most importantly, there are simple to cook, deliciously greasy, bite-sized breakfast roll-ups, that are more than perfect for your recovery. They also come with some fun facts about cannibalism, so there’s that.

Eat up, but take another cue from Hannah and don’t forget to send your apology texts… Whoops.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure breakfast food?