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When you are starting college, you can really never get enough advice. So with today’s video we have some very important advice for college Freshman directly from Nick Offerman himself. You may know Nick Offerman from the hilarious movie, We’re the Millers or from NBC’S Parks and Recreation.  If you don’t know who he his, please watch We’re the Millers immediately after you finish reading this article and watching the clip.  We’re the Millers is going to make you laugh out loud.  It’s not one of those sort of funny movies when you barely let out a chuckle, this movie will make you laugh until your stomach hurts.  Trust me, you will love Nick Offerman after you watch We’re the Millers and you will probably question how you went so long not knowing who he is.  Also, here’s a fun fact about Nick Offerman, he’s married to Megan Mullaly.  She’s on Parks and Recreation too and was on Will and Grace. Okay, so back to the clip.  Freshmen, I know times are tough, classes are getting settled so you probably have to write papers and study for tests and all that fun stuff; let’s face it, you guys pretty much need all the advice you can get right now.  Offerman wants to help you, and he has some seriously valid advice.  Offerman’s advice involves your room mate, a bar of soap, pubic hair, and cloning.  Pretty interesting stuff.  Check out the clip now from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon now!

What is Your Advice for College Freshmen?