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Good morning to the all the people who are on their laptops when they should be focusing in class! Today’s video of the day is actually a series of video clips from the upcoming film, Pitch Perfect. Why? Because later today, we’ll be hosting a giveaway in conjunction with Universal Pictures to promote the film. Check back here in a few hours to see how you can win:

  • $15 Movie Cash
  • Pitch Perfect Sunglasses
  • Pitch Perfect Earbuds
  • Pitch Perfect T-shirt/Tank Top
  • Aca-Awesome Magnetic Poetry

That’s a $45 value — and we can have 2 winners!

Anyways, what’s Pitch Perfect all about? Think of it as a combination of Mean Girls, Bring it On, and Glee (and only Glee because of the singing competition/singing in general; not the melodrama). Anna Kendrick plays the lead role, Beca, a college freshman who’s having trouble meshing with any particular group. She’s forced to audition for an all-female a capella group, the Bellas, by co-captain Chloe (Brittany Snow), and ends up into a group filled with girls that have nothing in common besides how good they sound when they sing together. Beca tries to change the tired, old sound of the Bellas by adding a little mash-up flair as they fight their way to the finals at the Lincoln Center in NYC. You’ll see my review later on the movie, because I got a chance to see an early screening!

Anyways, enjoy the clips, the music, and Fat Amy, whom we all know will steal the show. (Maybe I’m biased because I absolutely love Rebel Wilson.)

Pitch Perfect - Trailer No. 1

Pitch Perfect comes to select theaters on September 28 and will be everywhere on October 5.

Oh, and if you want, you can watch the cast sing Starships with Mike Tompkins here:


Anyone excited about the Pitch Perfect giveaway now?