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Happy Monday (and 1st day of classes for many of you!)! No matter how many times you’ve done the “first day of school,” it can still be pretty nerve wracking to meet new professors, try and make new friends, etc. It can be all the more frightening for incoming freshmen. But fear not! The YouTube comedian David So has decided to bestow his most important freshman survival tips so you can face your freshman year with no fear. It also helps that he is hilarious as he gives out this valuable advice.

Topics covered: Freshman 15, dating someone on your floor (better known as floorcest), dating in college, making friends, studying in college, raising your GPA vs dropping your GPA, class registration… the survival tips go on. Go ahead, watch it!


What’s your favorite part of David So’s freshman survival tips video?


“Mummy… nobody likes me here at Hogwarts.”

hahaha 😀