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For today’s Video of the Day, we bring you spoken word artist Henry Rollins, who was interviewed for a series of videos on Big Think, an amazing blog that houses articles and thoughts from the world’s top thinkers. You should definitely check them out. The topic of Henry Rollins’ video: Education in America… why it should be our top priority, and why it isn’t at this time. Here’s a quote from Henry Rollins in the video:

The way out is education. It always has been, always will be. It is the great leveler of the playing field. That is why some politicians and some people who are of a certain bent not only fear education, they hate education because they realize that minorities, whole demographics will become educated and when they do that the prison population will plummet, equality and the burden of equality.

Watch the video below.


What do you think? Does Henry Rollins have a point?