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Paula Deen: butter lover, Food Network queen, and GIF gold….oh wait, that was all before everyone found out that she’s a racist. Looks like Paula’s going in the wrong direction in life.

Paula Deen Riding Things One Direction

(GIF via Paula Deen Riding Things)

Oh, no. Not that direction.

Anyway, Paula has apologized for her remarks but her statements have come off as stiff and insincere, which hasn’t really helped her cause. In the aftermath, Paula Deen the butter queen has lost her partnership with Walmart, her cookbook deal, her contract with Food Network, and more, and she has been a trending topic on Twitter on and off for the last two weeks. Needless to say, things aren’t going well for her. Maybe people would go easier on her if her apologies weren’t so obviously scripted/edited. And that’s where Barely Political comes in.

Now, we have avoided discussing Paula’s fall from grace (she probably slipped on some butter) because we know it’s a sensitive topic, but this video from Barely Political is tough to ignore. In it, the YouTube-famous parody-ers poke fun at Paula’s now infamous apology video (and the numerous sketchy moments cut out of the apology video.) And while we’re still not sure how to feel about the whole Paula Deen debacle, the video is still undeniably hilarious. (Unless you’re one of those die-hard Paula fans who hate Giada De Laurentiis because Food Network decided to put her in Paula’s old time slot…) Check it out below!

What are your thoughts on the Paula Deen debacle?