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We can’t think of a better way for you to spend finals week than studying  procrastinating by watching videos that remind you of your childhood. Besides, all those papers and study sessions probably have you wishing you could go back to simpler times when your only responsibility was waking up early on Saturday to watch cartoons. Well, here’s a big dose of nostalgia for you, courtesy of Pip – remember him from The Voice last season? He’s got a new EP coming out called “No Formalities” and he’s been releasing songs from it on Youtube every week. The video for his newest song, “Hooked,” is packed full of more 90s cartoons than you can even keep track of!

Bonus: it’s so catchy, it’s the perfect addition to your end-of-finals party playlist. Seriously, we can’t stop playing it.

Check out the video below!

Doug Meme Quailman Approves

Besides, it’s got the Quailman stamp of approval – it must be good!

What’s your favorite 90s cartoon featured in this video? Were any of your favorites missing? Tell us in the comments below!

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