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If you haven’t been paying attention to your Facebook or Twitter feeds, then read it here: President Obama has won both the popular and electoral votes to capture his second term as the US President! As of this writing, Florida has yet to officially concede their electoral votes to Obama, but even so, it was 303 electoral votes to Obama and 206 electoral votes to Romney — and 50.3% Obama to 48.1% Romney in the popular vote. Google said so. So enough people, with the statements that Romney got “Al Gore”-ed. West coast college students were lucky, but east coast college students weren’t so lucky if they had a morning class because the Romney’s concession speech didn’t come until well after midnight. If you had the sense to go to bed before 1:30am EST, then we applaud you, because here’s an entire video of President Obama’s victory speech that you can watch that isn’t in a sleepy or drunken delirium.

Some other notes:

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