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It is almost time for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia to begin.  As per usual with when we are about to have an Olympic games, there is much talk of the event in the news, and it is one of the only things we hear about for a while.  This time around, the location of the games has been controversial, being that Russia just passed anti-gay legislation, and there has also been the usual talk of which athletes we should be looking out for, which events will be the most interesting, and so on.  Rightly so, most of the attention is put on the athletes who will be competing to make their dreams come true.

As they did before the 2012 Summer Olympic games in London, Proctor and Gamble has released a touching commercial about some of the people who play an important role in the Olympics, but don’t usually get recognition for it.  This ad, aptly titled “Pick Them Back Up,” is all about the Olympic moms.  The video is pretty touching and heartfelt, and shows moms helping their little Olympians getting back on their feet.  The moms are shown from helping their babies learn to walk to sitting on the sidelines and cheering them on when they finally make it to the Olympics.  This video might make you tear up a little bit, especially if you have any memories of your parents helping you up when you fell down, whether or not you were playing sports.

However you feel about the Olympics, the ad is touching and well-done, and if it doesn’t cause you to appreciate all the hard work of the athletes and their families, it will probably hit you close to home and make you think about your own mom.  Aww.

What do you think about the P&G Sochi ad?