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We’ve all had them. Good professors. Bad professors. Hot professors.  Hopefully, we’ve all had that one professor who was extremely helpful and did everything he/she could to help us succeed – offered extra credit, stayed after class to talk, brought doughnuts to class, etc. On the other hand, we’ve all also probably had the other extreme – that professor who was MISERABLE, which in effect skewed their teaching, and consequently our learning.

There’s only one place to turn when you want to rant or rave about how incredible or horrible a professor is – This website is a medium for students to write good or bad reviews for their instructors. Students can rate professors on a 1-5 scale on how helpful, clear, and easy a professor is. They can also add any other comments that they think are important to include. I always refer to this website when creating my schedule for the upcoming semester. It’s a great source to get truthful opinions from anonymous students who took the same class with a potential professor, not too long before you. It’s really wonderful to be able to eliminate possible professors when you can find out that they give out pop quizzes, or if he/she has a horribly distracting chronic lisp.

Like many of us that have used Rate My Professors, I’ve always wondered how professors would respond if they found out what was written about them. Well, now we get to find out. This video allows us to watch some University of Alabama professors’ reactions as they read their ratings and reviews out loud.

College professors are in the limelight in front of perhaps the most judgmental demographic possible. Turn that empathy button on, people. This video suggests that professors are humans too. While some responses to their own reviews are taken lightheartedly and with a good laugh, some professors appear awkward, as their shaky voices read what their students really think about them.

How would your professor respond to your review/rating?