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Forget scarves and sweaters as items that immediately come to mind when thinking about fall. They’re mere afterthoughts behind the notorious pumpkin spice latte. The PSL has taken over this autumnal season and is here to stay. Despite rants about the popular fall drink and it being seemingly overrated like John Oliver’s, die-hard PSL fans are going to love this Starbucks specialty no matter how many people say it’s an over-processed drink from hell. Once a PSL lover, always a PSL lover. So, seeing as it’s still fall, we thought that this video would still be socially acceptable to post…and because deep down we’re all PSL fans 4 life.

The ladies from rude. and Boyfriend have created a rap that summarizes a “typical white girl’s” feeling towards fall, and more specifically, the pumpkin spice latte. Honestly, this a perfect depiction of how many young female Americans feel about this cozy season of transition. Autumn style is discussed. One girls talks about how she drinks a PSL with every meal of the day. And another drinks her deliciously frothy PSL as she comfortably lies in a pumpkin patch.

Thank you ladies, for being so gracefully fierce while not being afraid to flaunt our favorite fall stereotypes.

Pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice. Whatcha know about that latte life?