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It’s no secret that we love YouTuber Ryan Higa. It’s also no secret how we felt about Valentine’s Day this year (thank you, grumpy cat, for giving us an outlet for all our feels!) And, as it turns out, the fabulous Ryan agreed with us on the holiday – according to his latest video, he spent V-Day alone and single (and there ain’t a thing wrong with that!) Ryan decided to be awesome as usual and make a video that details his feelings on romance and how his expectations never add up to his reality. And while, at first, you may think this video is another cliche attempt at explaining Nicholas Sparks movies, we promise you Ryan’s visions for “real” versions of Nicholas Sparks films/novels is quite literal and hilarious. Ryan rants about The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, and Dear John (which he admits he has never even seen but could probably already figure out the plot – point taken!) and then, with the help of his favorite female friend Taylor, he demonstrates what love is really like from the time you meet until the time you break up – and then oddly enough the time you die.

And if you know Ryan by his signature “Teehee!” this one is certainly the best yet. Check out the video below!

P.S. Ryan, we would’ve been your valentine this year for sure. No need to blow up a jar of pickles for us, either.

What do you think of these romance expectations vs. reality?