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During the month of October, it’s nearly impossible to miss a horror movie on TV. There’s usually one playing over and over again, or a movie that has about 15 sequels (I’m looking at you Friday The 13th.) All of these films have one thing in common —  we wind up sitting there, yelling at the characters for being stupid, and subsequently, their stupidity gets them killed.

Thankfully Ryan Higa is here to help us out so we don’t end up like the dummies in scary movies.  Ryan discusses around 15  clichés that end up terminating our hypothetical young character’s life. It’s these clichés that make horror movies more frustrating than any other genre, and on the flip-side, ridiculously more entertaining.

There are a few pieces of advice that are actually really useful, for example, Ryan  suggests that you don’t film yourself sleeping, because it’s honestly not going to help you in any way.  Also, never put your ear to a wall and try to listen to whatever is going on in the next room, because the next thing you know you’re going to end up with a knife in your head.

The most important advice that Ryan gives is to simply get the f**k out. When something remotely freaky is going on; just leave! It’s that simple. He gives quite a few examples to keep you completely covered in any situation. For instance, Ryan points out, “If any lights are flickering in a room… GTFO,” or, “If there is someone’s reflection in the room that is not supposed to be there…GTFO.”

Watch this video to see more ways to survive a horror movie, and take notes so if you ever find yourself in the predicament of slowly becoming possessed by a demon or tormented by a psychopathic doll, you know what to do.

P.S. Be sure to stick around for the ultra-hilarious ending!

What’s your favorite horror movie?