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Let’s talk about commercials for a hot sec, okay? They lie. That’s what they’re good at. They lie to you and convince you to buy products you don’t need and watch movies you won’t actually like once you see them in theaters. They’re up to no good, and Ryan Higa is sick and tired of it. So much so, that he decided to parody all those awful informercials and commercials and show us what they would be like if they could just be honest for once. Ryan Higa: Commercial Avenger — you go, Ryan Higa!

Here he parodies commercials for things like iPhones, Herbal Essences shampoo, Dos Equis beer, and Pepsi (represented in the video as “Hairball Essences,”  “the most average man in the world” and “Pep-C” — he even parodies McDonalds and Burger King (mostly McDonalds) in a way that is hilarious but sadly true. So no, Pepsi (or Pep-C) will not save you from the hot desert, beer isn’t really that awesome, and fast food certainly has it’s epic downfalls. But at least Ryan tells us the truth, right? Even though the truth hurts (from laughing so hard…)

But in true Ryan Higa fashion, be sure to stay tuned for the twist at the end…