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There’s no hiding the fact that we fangirl over Ryan Higa and his hilarity like it’s our job (lol it kind of is though) and today is no exception. This time Ryan is out to set the record straight on what attending a university will really get you today. You’ve seen the commercials, the signs on the sides of buses, the pamphlets and brochures not so subtly shoved down your throats by parents and counselors, all advertising that a university degree is the ultimate and only key to a successful adult life. After four years of quality education you’ll be handed your diploma along with a shiny new briefcase for your steadily high paying job and the keys to your brand new spacious house which why did you even move out if your mother visits every day anyway. Yes. If you want a future, if you want this future, if you want this future by age 23, get a degree at this school. Lucky for us Ryan came along and poured some truth syrup all over this buttered up stack of lies.

Ryan’s parody of a university commercial details what you will actually find at college during the degree process and what life might really look like for you when it’s all over. Heads up though, watching this video might feel strange because you’ll be cracking up and possibly crying at the same time. It’s super funny, as Ryan’s videos are always super funny, but it’s also super true, scarily true, in a seemingly growing number of cases.

“But… I have a degree…” said Millennials

“Lol. I know, right?” said The Economy

At least if nothing else Ryan’s commercial assures us that most of us are pretty much in the same boat these days, so lets laugh/cry about it together… shall we?

Are you filled with regret about paying for a degree?