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Have you ever watched MTV (just kidding, MTV doesn’t play music anymore!) and sat there, wondering, “how can I rap like Snoop Dogg?” or “damn, I wish I could sing like Ellie Goulding!” Perhaps you have even thought, “I wish I was as cool as Justin Timberlake!” (Psh, let’s be honest. Everyone wishes they were as cool as Justin Timberlake.) Well, not to fear, Ryan Higa is here!

Ryan Higa, one of our favorite YouTubers and now self-proclaimed professional singer and “vocal-stiloliger-izer-ist” has the tips you need to learn how to sing like your favorite artists. Want to rap like 2 Chainz? No problem. Make music like Skrillex? Easy. Be crazy like Nicki Minaj? Done. Ryan makes it simple for you to sing like the stars by explaining how they do it. If you want to rap like Drake, you just have to rap as though you’ve just woken up at 6 am and you’re not excited to go to school, at all. To be like Justin Bieber? Get your emotions going. Cry, if you have to. It’s best to sound like you’re choking back tears. The best part about this video is that Ryan puts your favorite singers’ talents into perspective, making them easily attainable.

Check out Ryan Higa’s latest video below and learn how to sing/rap like all of these celebrities and more!

Except Beyonce, because, yeah, that’s not possible.

Which celebrity impression in the video was your favorite?